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Chic Shacks in Pomene, Mozambique

Fisherman's shack on the beach, Pomene, Mozambique.

Watching the sun rising over Pomene's palm fringed shoreline, it felt as though we had woken up in a Bounty chocolate advertisement. What a paradise! The night before, under barely an eyelash of winking moon, we had rolled in over the dunes towards our friend Pat's remote reed-walled hideaway. The morning's rays brought straight backed locals, balancing baskets of vegetables, fruit and warm pão (bread) on their heads for us to buy.

Outside Pat's reed-walled shack, Pomene, Mozambique.

Pat's chic shack is solar panelled.

Bedroom inside Pat's reed-walled shack, Pomene, Mozambique.

Beach boudoir.

Kitchen inside Pat's reed-walled shack, Pomene, Mozambique.

Tea towels hang on twigs in Pat's organic kitchen.

Shack reed fringe, Pomene, Mozambique.

Fringe benefits that help to keep out mosquitos.

Little boy outside shack, Pomene, Mozambique.

Home alone.

Fisherman's shack, Pomene, Mozambique.

Fisherman's home.

Fisherman's shack with pin-ups, Pomene Mozambique.


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