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Lachlan’s Biltong Broth

Serves 2

Lachlan came up with this surprisingly delicious concoction one cold night while we were on the Otter Trail. As you carry everything that you need for five days (your sleeping bag, clothes, cooking paraphernalia and food) you have to pack light and this means living off a schoolboys dream diet of powdered food stuffs and noodles! I am not sure if we will indulge in Lachlan’s Biltong Broth in the near future, but I can tell you that after a challenging day, wading waist deep through fast flowing rivers and hiking up and down the Tsitsikamma Forest’s coastal valleys, this well and truly hits the spot!

Lachlan's Biltong BrothIngredients

  • 2 soup sachets (any flavour but preferably ones that contain noodles)
  • a handful of biltong or snap sticks (we used a chilli coated variety which gave our meaty broth a real kick!)


  1. Wearing your head torch, fill your pan with two cups of water from the tap outside the cabin. Look out for the blue eyes of wild genet cats shining in your torch light and watching you from nearby bushes!
  2. Go back into the cabin and ignite your gas cylinder. Drop the biltong into the water in the pot and place on top of the cylinder at a high heat.
  3. Bring to the boil and leave like this for at least one minute (more if you want to soften the biltong further).
  4. Turn off the heat and pour in the sachets of soup.
  5. Stir well and distribute evenly (!) between two mugs and leave to stand for one minute.
  6. Wrap your paws around this hot little number! Salty and satisfying, a spoon is essential to extract all the tasty meaty morsels at the bottom!

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  1. Hamish says:

    Sounds good – never mind on a hike, I’d like to eat it at home!

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