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Winning the Doggie Lotto

African hound Bow Wow’s first 6 months in the UK.

I think it’s safe to say that Bow Wow is loving life in the UK. It’s certainly a far cry from the existence that he could have had as a township stray, surviving amongst the rainbow warrens of shacks in his birthplace, Imizamo Yethu in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Bow Wow at animal rescue centre DARG in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Baby Bow Wow! We found our precious boy at DARG animal sanctuary in hout bay. He was only two weeks old when they discovered him abandoned in the township Imizamo Yethu.


Bow Wow at animal rescue centre DARG in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

It was love at first sight!


Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Imizamo Yethu, Bow Wow's birthplace.


Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

It's a tough life in the township for stray dogs.


Bow Wow on top of Lions Head, Cape Town, South Africa

Proud, newly homed pup overlooking Cape Town.


Bow Wow sleeping when he was a puppy, Cape Town, South Africa

It's tirin' bein' this cute.


It’s also a very different lifestyle to when we were all overlanding together across Southern Africa.

Lucie, Lachlan & Bow Wow in Land Rover Defender

Hitting the trail with our furry new addition.


Lucie, Lachlan & Bow Wow at Beaverlac, South Africa Bow Wow's first swim

Cooling off after a long walk.


Lucie and Bow Wow in Land Rover, South Africa

Road trippers.


Bow Wow admiring the view with Lachlan at the Outeniqua Pass.

Bow Wow admiring the view with Lachlan at the Outeniqua Pass, South Africa.


Bow Wow with Lula the Landy in cold Lesotho

Loyal protector, Lesotho.


Bow Wow being patted by Himba woman in Purros, Nambia, Africa

With the Himba tribe. Purros, Namibia. {Such warm, kind people. By the time we left, Bow Wow was a red head from all the stroking.}


Lucie, Lachlan and Bow Wow with Lula the Landy set up camp on dry riverbed in Kaokoland, Namiba wild no one else around

Camp Life deep in Kaokoland, Namibia.


Bow Wow hunting with the Tsumkwe Bushmen Tribe, Namibia.

Bow Wow hunting with the Tsumkwe Bushmen Tribe, Namibia.


The Vagabond Adventures at their camp near the bushmen village of Tsumkwe, Namibia.

Watching the great goddess moon rising over the desert on our last night in Tsumkwe.


These Bushmen were curious to see our home-on-wheels. Namibia with Bow Wow and LachlanTsumkwe Bushmen Tribe, Namibia.


The Vagabond Adventurers shadows - Lucie, Lachlan & Bow Wow

The Vagabond Adventurers!


The Vagabond Adventures at the Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana.

One small step for a township puppy, one giant leap for canine-kind. Makgadikgadi Pan, Botswana.


Bow Wow watching over our camp with Lula the Landy on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Botswana, no land in sight

It really felt as though we had set up camp on the surface of the moon.


Bow Wow and Jackal vicarious meeting on west coast of namibia near Lüderitz

Language of play. Lüderitz, Namibia. {Coming face to face with a jackal is a potentially dangerous situation for a dog but one night in Namibia Bow Wow taught us an important lesson; life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react. He approached the jackal in play mode and we watched for several minutes as the two bounded around together. The language of play is universal.}


Lachlan holding Chimbuku with Bow Wow

Sampling the locals favourite beer, Chimbuku, on the banks of the Cleveland Dam, Zimbabwe.


Bow Wow the Vagabond Hound at The Elephants Eye, South Africa


Bow Wow and Hamish on Muizenburg beach, cape town, south africa

We wonder if Bow Wow remembers lovely long walks along Muizenburg beach in Cape Town.


Since arriving in Blighty, Bow Wow has done quite a bit of exploring, including a visit to London. Here are a collection of snapshots taken by my family who, as you can see, all dote on him. Even the cat is warming to the idea! 

Bow Wow with Hamish and Jemma at Kings Cross Station in London

Kings Cross canine.


Bow Wow with first glance of London red bus

Bow Wow enjoying the sights of London from a black cab.


Bow Wow and Lachlan walking down Portobello road with british flags and market stall

Our African street dawg, perfectly at home on Portobello.


Bow Wow splashing water at Holland Park, London

Quick skinnydip in Holland Park fountain - you can take the dog out of the township but you can never take the township out of the dog.


Bow Wow out front of Harrods in London on same day as Julian Assange gave speach outside of ecuadorian embassy

Classy canine.


Bow Wow sitting upright in back seat of car ready to go dog

'A nice green park with some dogs please. Now drive!'


Bow Wow dog sitting under beautiful tree with blossum in Dundee, Scotland

Under the blossom in Dundee, Scotland.


Sascha cat peering down on Bow Wow dog in pond in Dundee, Scotland

Bow Wow's pond dipping does not impress the cat.


Bow Wow dog being submissive in front of Sascha cat watching bravely in Dundee, Scotland

Bow Wow just wants to make friends...


Hamish sitting on bed in his room with Bow Wow dog, Dundee Scotland

My brother Hamish is Bow Wow's new best friend.


Bow Wow dog sitting in kitchen salivating for haggis and beans, dundee, scotland

Very pleased that haggis and beans is on the menu.


Bow Wow dog running on beach with stick in mouth crinan ferry argyll scotland

In Argyll, Scotland. 11,506 miles from Imizamo Yethu...


bow wow dog sleeping like a baby

Snuggles with B dub.


Happy bow wow dog in meadow, dundee scotland

Is this a happy dog or what?


bow wow dog profile close up eye fur beautiful


bow wow dog jumping for joy in front of mercedes car park

Jumping for joy!


bow wow running like the wind dundee scotland


bow wow dog chilling in water with ball close by st andrews scotland



bow wow dog peering over wall out to sea tayport scotland

Enjoying bonny Scotland.


bow wow dog stalking enormous rabbit scotland

Stalking an enormous bunny.


bow wow dog drinking water in front of ice cream shop scotland

Scottish summer.


bow wow dog staring at sascha cat with a scooby snack on his nose scotland

Peace offering.


bow wow dog spooning felicity galt girl in bed scotland

Illegal bed hopping and spooning.


bow wow's dog breakfast checker board floor crack egg

Bow Wow's brekkie. He likes an egg or sardines on top of his Hill's dog food.


bow wow dog and sascha cat not wanting to go out in scotland rain cold doorway


bow wow fetching massive stick from the tayport sea scotland waves

Extreme fetch. Bow Wow doesn't seem to mind swimming in icy Scottish waters.


bow wow st andrews beach scotland pier waves

At St Andrews beach, Scotland.


bow wow dog sleeping ball floorboards

It's still tirin' bein' this cute!


Bow Wow dog by fire with food

Summer picnic with Hamish by the hearth!


bow wow dog and hamish lying in bed tickling scotland

Who? ME?


bow wow dog covered in pond scum dirty face big nose

Bow Wow is now under STRICT instruction NOT to go into the pond!


bow wow dog meeting other dogs in pond scotland taken by sheenagh mclaren

Scottish watering hole!


bow wow dog on beach scotland taken by sheenagh mclaren


bow wow dog close up cute poser

Glossy coat? That'll be the sardines...


bow wow dog and hamish sleeping in bed



Yep. It’s a dog’s life, right enough….


Photo credits for UK snaps: Fiona GaltSheenagh McLarenHamish GaltFelicity Galt

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