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Goodbye Cape Town!  It took us a week longer than expected due to complications with the Landy but we are finally ready to go.  We will miss your oceans, smiling faces, your evening light, delicious food, the mountain, sundowners on your beaches, shining colours and fading glamour.

We have made so many interesting friends during our time here in Cape Town and most have been thanks to Bow Wow.  Wherever we go people stop to speak to us because of the dog.  There is no doubt that taking Bow Wow on our trip will make our journey more of a challenge.  Many people have tried to dissuade us, but he has already brought such richness to our lives that we believe he is what shall make our trip so special.  Having Bow Wow with us means that we cannot take the road most travelled and will be forced to stay in less obvious places and have more unusual experiences.

We heard about a family who travelled through Africa with very young children.  When asked how they coped, they answered that they could not have done it safely without their little ones because their children’s vulnerability softened the attitudes of everyone they met.  Perhaps Bow Wow with his funny ears and ratty tail will do the same!

Bow Wow introduced us to Dr. Hamish Currie, an amazing vet who is a director of the charity called ‘Back to Africa’ which relocates endangered animals in captivity to their natural habitat.  Often the animals are the last of their kind and have been unable to breed because they are caged in an alien climate.  This was the case for the last fertile Northern White Rhinos in the world (Sudan, Suni, Najin and Fatu) who were flown to Nairobi from a Prague zoo in December 2009.  Back to Africa have projects all over Africa for rare species like Sable and Roan Antelope and are even attempting to re create the extinct Quagga Zebra.  We intend to visit each one of these operations and spread the word of the wonderful work that Back to Africa is carrying out.

Tonight is our last in a real bed!  Tomorrow, after eggs benedict at The River Cafe, we head off to the mountainous Cederbergs where there are breathtaking hikes, mountain bike trails and waterfalls and we shall sleep by the Olifants River under the stars!

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  1. Hey Guys,
    Loox like you are having a blast, if you are going anywhere near Durban let me know as we have fantastic friends who live there!!
    Xxs Bibi x

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