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There are many ways to cook a chicken

The second part of our bush survival course involved more theory than actual driving. We learned how to fix punctures, patch up holes in the body of the car with a rivet gun and even how to cook a chicken with the engine of the car by attaching a pot under the hood! Apparently, after two to four hours of driving, you can crack open a cold one and enjoy a juicy bird that has been cooked by the heat of the engine!

On Friday night we had a braai (an African barbecue) for all of the friends that we have made here in Cape Town.  Although we did not cook our chickens with the car engine, we did use an interesting method where you stick an open can of ale up the chicken’s bum and put it on the braai. The bubbling beer inside makes the meat really succulent. Traditional African favourites like sweet potatoes and boerewors sausages also featured… and some not so traditional like vodka spiked watermelon!

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