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Rusape, Zimbabwe (Photo Diary)

Rusape is a real Zimbabwean town not featured in any travel guides.

Welcome to Rusape sign with women walking on road, Zimbabwe.

Our first port of call was the police station to find out if there was a safe place to camp. Beautifully hand scripted charts with 3D shadow effects using thick felt tipped pens lined the corridors and featured information like 2010's Most Wanted. After a senior inspector had interrogated us to ensure that we were not spies, he told us that officially there was no where to camp nearby but suggested that we ask if the Crocodile Motel might have a spare patch of ground. He had been there the previous evening watching soccer and drinking beer.


Nyore Nyore Zimbabwe Furnishers, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

We took a wander through Rusape's bright and bustling streets.


Manica Post Headline 'Witch Trapped in Dangamvura', Rusape, Zimbabwe.

In the UK this would be an exaggerated tabloid headline, but in Zimbabwe this is likely to be a real witch in trouble.


Fruit and veg on the streets of Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Take your sniffing elsewhere. (This photograph reminds us of the old Tom & Jerry cartoons which also featured a fuming mama.)


Lucie and Bow Wow out the front of an instant photo shop on the streets of Rusape, Zimbabwe.

We couldn't work out why so many people seemed to be laughing at us as we trooped past until someone explained that it was "not normal to see a dog with a belt".


Tesco on the streets of Rusape, Zimbabwe.

For some reason our club points didn't work here.


Lucie and Bow Wow out front of DMVP Butchery Rusape, Zimbabwe.

No meat, just dried fish for sale.


A pink shop in Rusape called Hot Pot, Zimbabwe.

Hot pink, hot pot.


Millionaires Hardware with colourful guy sitting on tyre out front, Rusape, Zimbabwe

Must have been named in the time of hyperinflation.


Confidence on Robert Mugabe street, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

On flamboyant and jacaranda lined Robert Mugabe street we met Confidence.


Retro Crocodile Motel with colourful flowers, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

The achingly retro, yet empty, Crocodile Motel kindly allowed us to camp by their pool.


Kids with a bike on Rusape road, Zimbabwe.These polite and smartly dresses kids, making their way home from school, were keen to practice their English. They carried mielie meal on the back of their bicycle to feed their seven hungry puppies who apparently looked like mini Bow Wow’s.


Lucie behind Eagle beer bottle at Crocodile Motel, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Eagle is Lachlan's favourite Zimbabwean beer. It's a lager style beer brewed in a traditional way using sorghum which gives it a rare smack. Refreshingly, it tastes nothing like Chimbuku.


Lachlan with Lion beer sitting at Crocodile Motel, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Lion is a dry lager and appears to be Zimbabwe's equivalent of South Africa's Castle. Lachlan feels that getting to grips with a country's beer is an important part of enjoying and understanding its culture.


Bird on power lines with folage, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Dawn breaking, silhouette making and bird song.


Lachlan in motel room at Crocodile Motel, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

The Crocodile Motel let us use one of the showers in their rooms. We felt as though we were in a classic American movie.


Frog in the pool at Crocodile Motel, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Frogs were the only ones making good use of the swimming pool...


Bow Wow in pool at Crocodile Motel, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

until Bow Wow came along and realised that they were great sport.


Lachlan and Bow Wow by lake with Lula the Landy, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Jog around the lake followed by guilt free breakfast with a view. Ye cannae whack it.


Market traders and umbrella on Rusape Street, Zimbabwe.

Sweet, juicy and packed full of flavour - no wonder Zimbabwe was once known as the fruit basket of the world.


Sadza n Pano, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Sadza is the Zimbawean version of mielie pap and is eaten in exactly the same way with relish and meat. To make your own see our friend Duncan's recipe.

Duncan Phiri’s Pap


Men washing their hands before eating sadza, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

The ritual washing of hands before tucking in to sadza can be a way to make friends.


Rusape guys eating sadza and drinking coke, Zimbabwe.

We met this thirsty farmer who demonstrated how to roll the sadza in your hands before soaking it in the relish and sucking it off your fingers.


Lachlan eating sadza and licking fingers, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Great grub and there is something so satisfying about eating with your hands. Finger lickin' good.


Wash and braid, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Wash and braid. How it's done at Lovely's Hair Salon.


Kid with half braided hair, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Lovely's niece takes a break from braiding...


Gogo drinking coca-cola at hair salon, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

while her laughing gogo holds court and swigs Coca-Cola on the stoop.


Lachlan buying fruit from car window, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Window shopping.


Woman balancing fruit on head giggling, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Giggling and balancing is no mean feat.


Selling snacks to bus load of people, Rusape, Zimbabwe.

Snack attack.

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23 Responses to “Rusape, Zimbabwe (Photo Diary)”

  1. jeanette says:

    The photoa rae so interesting I love them !!!

  2. Randy says:

    Nice Post! I really enjoyed taking a stroll through Rusape, if only online. I’m curious how much did it cost to camp at the Crocodile Motel?

  3. Hi Randy, thanks for the comment. It costed US$20 to camp for the night. Perfect by the pool. Coming from Harare, as you enter Rusape, it’s the first motel on the left, you can’t miss it.

  4. Osbert Kaluwa says:

    Rusape ,thats my home town .thax for the post the pics are just good.Manibho Rupesa.

  5. vik says:

    My home town too…

  6. thizzby says:

    i taught at the school in 1982.

  7. charles white says:

    Great pics. Love them. Love my hometown

  8. Nancy says:

    That’s a great camera you have (or you got skills)
    What kind is it?

  9. Thanks so much! Well the pics are a combination of Lucie and I. We use a Canon 30D and a Panasonic Lumix. Both are excellent cameras.

  10. Dakarai Noel wekwaMutizhe says:

    a great taste of home in pictures especially paNational Foods pasadza.

  11. ONGames says:

    Those are some great photos, loved the window shopping part.
    Do you always take pics so naturally or do you also use some photoshop / other editing program?

  12. thizzby says:

    I taught at Rusape school in 1982 – just after the war. – The headteacher was Bruce Foster. He wore a huge sombrero hat because he had no defence against sunburn. Anyone know what happened to him?

  13. Sheila and I and taught in Rusape from 1985-1987 And then moved to,Miutare. We know the previous owners of Nyore. Nyore ( Shona for Never Never! says:

    Loved Rusape and know the previous owners of Nyore Nyore which means never never in Shona. Across the street was ,the butchery and Rusape superstate. We taught in st. Joseph’s Secondary school and enjoyed Grace Fellowship

  14. Rashma Gopal says:

    That’s my home town, residential area has grown now but you can still browse town shops in half an hour… I

  15. tawanda says:

    thank you for the post ….i miss my home

  16. John Keevy says:

    Loved the pics. I was at John Cowie School in Rusape in late 70′s. Good memories

  17. ilse says:

    my old home town. ii also went to john cowe, but in the 60′s. it has changed a lot

  18. dAVID tHOMAS says:

    very challenging to be explored

  19. David Thomas says:

    Want to taste food “sadza” and found a friend in Marondera

  20. Bazil says:

    Do Zimbabwe not have Castle Lager anymore?

  21. samuel says:

    Ahaaaa Rusape my home town thank you for the memories,now home sick Nyabadza,Nyahukwe Temaruru,Mawango,Kriste Mambo handei naMutseriwa

  22. yeukai says:

    im so proud of my home town,you shd also take a turn and see our a true Nibho

  23. renee says:

    Is Rusape still like this

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