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Journey to Zimbabwe (Photo Diary)

After a break in Cape Town and with only 4 days left on Lucie’s South African visa, it was a case of pedal to the metal, past the boerewors curtain and all the way  through Afrikaans country until we reached the Zimbabwe border.

Lachlan driving Lula with animated pictures. On South African highway on way to Zimbabwe.

Hitting the trail and trying out tricks on our new camera. (Doubt we'll use this animated mode again, but here it curiously manages to express our excitement about the adventures ahead.)


African kids eating fast food at Beaufort West, South Africa.

Western inflence in a country dorp. We spotted these wee cuties who looked just like the Bushman kids we met in Tsumkwe. It was sad to see them being encouraged to eat this greasy fast fare, so far removed from a hunter gatherer diet and way of life.


Inside back of Lula with wardrobe at Cape Town before leaving, South Africa.

Our worldly goods. Mary Poppins bag has got nothing on Lucie's seemingly bottomless box/wardrobe centre left.


Lucie in apron at campsite with Bow Wow at Wagon Wheel, Beaufort West, South Africa.

Lucie as camp skivvy. To be fair, I did do all of the driving and Bow Wow had round the clock car guard duties.


Broken glass on white brick wall with cloudy blue sky, Wagon Wheel, Beaufort West, South Africa.

Guilded cage. These broken bottles, catching the evening light, high on the campsite wall, were far more appealing than the usual barbed wire or electric fencing that we have come to expect in South Africa.


Packed road food for journey to Zimbabwe.

'Padkos' (Afrikaans for 'road food'). At a farm stall near Beaufort West a stranger insisted we try a local delicacy unique to the area called kwepers (pictured top right). They are dried fruit blocks that taste unbeleivably 'lekker' (Afrikaans for 'good'), almost like turkish delight.


Ostrich lamp. Ostrich leg and painted ostrich shell with lamp fixed on top, Polokwane, South Africa.

Through a thunder storm, we pushed on until Polokwane where we B&B'd it surrounded by weird artifacts like this kitcsh Afrikaans lamp fashioned from a floral painted egg and a stuffed foot complete with fetching talon. We guessed ostrich but could have been dinosour.

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