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Introducing The Hope Truck

Lula, the Landy in which we explored over 30,000 km of Africa, has been shipped back to Britain. Lula has had a makeover as The Hope Truck (for The Band4Hope Project) and will be our home on wheels again over the next few months as we attend the coolest festivals across the UK. It feels so good to be back under canvas!

Lachlan hugging Lula the Landy The Vagabond Adventures

Reunited! Lula the Landy made it through customs.


Lachlan helping a girl pump up her tyre action4hope the band4hope project

With the fully equipped Landy, Lachlan was able to perform an Action4Hope almost immediately, helping a roadside damsel in distress!


Lula the Landy on the road after arriving back in the UK

We had forgotten how she corners like an elephant on rollerskates!


Guinea Fowl feather in Lula the Landy

It has been wonderful to find forgotten African treasures inside like this guinea fowl feather.


Lula the Landy setting off for Meadowlands festival 2012

Setting off for our first 2012 festival (Meadowlands)! Bow Wow wasn'€™t too chuffed that dogs were not allowed.


Lula the Landy now rebranded as The Hope Truck 4 The Band4Hope Project

Lula'€™s new look really suits her, don'€™t you think?


The Tree of Hope beside the Hope Truck The Band4Hope Project

Our new festival essentials: Hope Tree, disco ball, hoola hoop and twittering birds.


The Travelling Tree of Hope with The Hope Truck The Band4Hope Project

The new Tree of Hope has been made almost entirely from recycled materials and it's on wheels! Catch us if you can!


The Band4Hope Project's Travelling Tree of Hope at Meadowlands 2012

The Band4Hope Project's Travelling Tree of Hope

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