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Himba Honeys in Namibia

Attractive Himba woman in traditional dress holding a baby. Purros, Namibia.

One things for sure, Himbas know how to accessorise. New fashions spread from settlement to settlement and so their style is always developing.


Traditionally adorned sitting Himba woman, Purros, Namibia.

Married Himba women tie a piece of goat leather known as an 'erembe' to the top of their heads. The conch shell on her necklace is a symbol of fertility.


Portrait of a mature Himba woman. Purros, Namibia.

Their hair is hardened and lengthened with clay.


Group of Himba women standing in line. Purros, Namibia.

These burnished beauties' lives are devoted to tweaking their appearance and they are every bit as gorgeous as the sashaying divas on MTV.

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One Response to “Himba Honeys in Namibia”

  1. Chembo says:

    I’m from Zambia, not sure if you went there or not. I just found this website really randomly but it is quite interesting how you look at the people. there is a great admiration for their beauty which you posess and it’s nice coz most westeners go there and all they see is black pipo looking too primitive, or underdeveloped, or they just see them as poor and dont accept that they way the african native tribes are is a thing of beauty which the world desperately needs right now too.
    I just love how you see them, you seem to not want to say “oh well, we know better” I hope these pipo who you’ve visited made an actual impact and not just like a short term effect to blog about.
    But I appreciate how you seem to be affected by your trip, very few pipo have this view, mpst pipo r like “I’m from the west n m special so teach me this, teach me that, let me teach you..bla bla”
    love it!

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