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(Not) For Sale: Land Rover Defender 110 Including Complete Overland Kit

Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit on Hout Bay Beach


Land Rover Defender with Lucie Lachlan Bow Wow of The Vagabond Adventures in Kaokoland


Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit on Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Quit Your Job.
Buy A Ticket.
Get A Tan.
Fall In Love.
Never Look Back.

Travelling through Africa with our dog, Bow Wow, has been an experience we will never forget. Sadly this adventure must come to an end for now so we can focus all of our energies on The Band4Hope Project.

We spent months driving all over Southern Africa in this incredibly reliable pimped out Defender. We had it serviced regularly wherever we were and it never let us down. With traction control, you can go pretty much anywhere in this 4×4 as you can see from the pictures below. No need for roads, we prefer dry riverbeds anyway.

This is your mobile home on wheels with everything you need. We’re including a complete package as detailed below.

This is a UK registered vehicle currently parked in Cape Town, South Africa with a current Carnet de Passage. It expires on 30th November 2012, though can be renewed for another year or more for further travel through Africa and beyond.

Scroll down for more pics and price.

The Vehicle

Registration: UK registered – L40 CWT (in South Africa with current Carnet de Passage)
Year: 2006 (reg’d 26-Dec-2005)
Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Wheelbase: 110
Engine: Td5 Diesel
Engine Capacity: 2.5L (2498 cm3)
5 Speed Manual with High/Low and center diff-lock
Traction Control
Mileage: approx: 66,000 miles (106,216 km)
Air conditioning
Power Steering
Fully serviced

Vehicle Modifications

  • Full Length Alu Roof Rack w/ ladder
  • 74L Aluminium Box installed on roof (Size 780 x 580 x 200mm)
  • Eezi Awn T-top roof tent 160cm with Shower Skirt (additional bedroom)
  • R/H Wing Mounted Rear Fuel Tank 45L
  • Water Tank – 44L – RH Rear under car
  • Eezi Awn 2.5m Awning
  • Snorkel
  • Diff guards
  • Lockable Safe under the center console
  • N. Luna Portable Power Pack c/w Deep Cycle Battery
  • Secondary Battery (2 batteries in total)
  • Solar Panel – 80w on roof
  • 50L National Luna Fridge / Freezer
  • Little Black Box – Alerts you to any engine problems (oil / water / temp / charge etc)
  • Heavy duty tow bar with pin and ball mount – use as recovery point
  • 1 x 20L Double Aluminium Jerry Can Holder with 2 jerry cans for diesel fuel mounted
  • 6 x brand new Tyres – BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A (spares: 1 mounted on rear and other on roof)
  • Shovel & Axe – bolted onto front of vehicle
  • Side Wing Doors – Lockable. Provides easy access.
  • Right Hand Wing Cupboard
  • Spare Wheel Carrier
  • Thule 2 Bike Carrier
  • Hi Lift Jack – Bolted on the outside to save space.
  • Gas Bottle and bracket – mounted on rear
  • Tow Ball with Towing Points
  • All exterior lights protected
  • Strong interior wall installed separating the rear and front cabins. Near impossible to break in!
  • Sound – Amp & Extra Speakers (standard LR speakers are terrible!)
  • New CD player with USB and iPod connection
  • Seats removed for extra space – only 1 seat in rear
  • Pullout Drawer at rear of car to store bits and bobs – super handy!
  • Hot Shower – heat produced from mod in engine using coolant. Keep car running for hot water.

Tools & Spares

  • Almost everything you can think of that you would need to get through Africa!
  • All required spares
  • Defender Workshop Manual
  • 3 x Oil Filters
  • 4 x Fuel Filters
  • 2-3 x Air Filters
  • Variety of Fuses
  • Power Drill
  • Light Bulbs x 2 of all
  • Tool Kit – top of the range, can’t remember brand but very good
    • Including the following plus more
    • Vice Grips
    • Water Pump Pliers
    • 2 x types Wire Cutters
    • Pliers – various types
    • Metal Hammer
    • Assorted Open & Ring Spanners
    • Socket Kit
    • Screwdrivers – assorted
  • 2 extra large Shifters
  • Water Pump
  • Small Blow Torch (welding)
  • Multi Meter to measure voltage
  • Silicon Bandage to fix hoses – MI 4X4 SILICONE TAPE
  • Magnet on a stick
  • 12v portable drill – rechargeable / 12v
  • Pop rivet gun + pop rivets
  • Tyre Puncture Repair Kit – Tech Brand
  • Tyre Pressure Guage
  • Tyre Pressure fast let down tool
  • Tyre Valves Spare
  • Fuel Funnel
  • Jubilee Clips
  • Vaious Cable Ties / Hose Clamps
  • Plastic Fuel Line and Connectors
  • Prately putty / flexible HEAT RESISTANT
  • Tubes of Silicon
  • Glue that petrol doesn’t dissolve
  • Glues – Q.Bond, Pratley Steel, Plastic mix glue
  • Contact Adhesive
  • Rapid araldite/plastic metal glue
  • Silicon Spray
  • Instant Gasket Paste
  • Exhaust Repair Putty
  • Radiator Sealant
  • 2m fuel hoses (long enough to be used as a siphon)
  • WD40 / Q20 Spray
  • Hand Cleaner
  • Spray Degreaser
  • Diff types of Electrical Wire 2 m lengths
  • Roll of wire
  • Crimp Connectors
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Masking Tape
  • Gaffer Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Rubber Mallot
  • Mole Wrench (lge & sml)
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Grease Gun
  • Length of Pipe (to extend power bar for stubborn nuts)
  • Self tapping screws
  • Assortment of nuts, bolts & washers
  • Thick Plastic Sheeting 1.5m x 2m
  • Nylon 6mm string
  • Nylon 10mm string
  • Stronger Normal Rope 20m length
  • Some pieces of Aluminium & Metal Plates 10 and 15 cm sq
  • Rolls of Mutton Cloth


  • Engine Oil – enough for 2 changes
  • 5L of Gearbox & Differential Oil
  • Grease
  • Transfer box Oil
  • 1-2 L Brake and Clutch Fluid Oil
  • 1-2 L Coolant (water is possible)
  • Radiator Sealant


All cooking equipment you need including items such as pots, pans and a great Potjiekos

Recovery Kit

  • Kinetic Rope
  • Tow Rope (static)
  • 2 x Short Bridle Ropes
  • 4 x 3/4 tonne Bow Shackles
  • Aluminium Track Mats / Sand ladders – VT SAND PLATES ALU
  • 2 pieces of wood (for chocking wheels & bottle jack)
  • Geared Bottle Jack
  • Heavy Duty Jumper Leads – BE 450A BOOSTER CABLES
  • Dry Powder
  • Garden bottle and sprayer
  • Triangles – warning x 2
  • Y/W/R Coloured Reflective Tape for Vehicle – ZA Zambia Tape


  • LifeSaver Jerrycan – the ultimate in water filtration
  • 3 x 20L Green heavy duty Water Cans
  • Washing Machine :) – Water tight container. Put clothes, washing powder and water in and hit the bumpy road!
  • 12v Torch – rechargeable – strong
  • Big Country 1200 x 800 Aluminium Table with Rip Stop Canvas bag
  • 2 x Campmor Directors Chairs with Rip Stop Canvas Bags
  • 6 x Gommo Boxes
  • 1 x Ground Sheet for Awning
  • 1 x Small Inverter 1000w
  • 1 x Twin Cylinder Compressor
  • Plus much much more!
  • Stool (fold up) – CH Goanna Chair
  • Washing Line
  • 2 x Mosquito net – Large
  • Citronella Oil – mosquitos – CE Citronella Oil Refill
  • Cloths / rags
  • Padlocks
  • Multi 12v Cig power board – BE 3 IN 1 POWER SOCKET 12V
  • Front windscreen sun protector – VT ALU CARCOOL 4X4 160X90CM

Scroll to end of post for price.

Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit rear side view

Awning retracts away nicely. Also easy access to roof ammo box.


Land Rover Defender 110 roof view with roof tent spare tyre ammo box jerry cans

Roof consists of the tent, 2nd spare wheel, ammo box and 2 jerry cans.


Land Rover Defender 110 roof view with roof tent spare tyre ammo box jerry cans 2


Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit showing food cupboard

Right side lockable wing door opens to food cupboard. With the awning extended, this becomes the perfect outdoor kitchen.


Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit showing side wing open access to fridge freezer

Left side lockable wing door provides easy access to fridge and freezer.


Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit showing handy rear pull out drawer

The pull out drawer system keeps you organised. Provides easy access to all you need.


Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit showing mounted 10kg gas bottle

10kg gas cylinder mounted to the rear. Perfect for messy cooks.


Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit showing roof view gas cylinder jerry cans spare tyre side wing

2 jerry cans mounted and 2nd spare wheel.


Using our hot shower for first time on trip with Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit

Using the hot shower heated by the engine. Nothing better than an outdoor wash.


Additional Speakers with amp in Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit

Additional speakers with amplifier to replace the terrible factory made kit.


Land Rover Defender 110 showing axe mounted on front

Axe mounted on the front. Shovel is mounted on the other side.


Life Saver Jerry Can super clean water the best

The ultimate in water filtration. See


Bikes mounted on Thule 2 bike carrier on rear of Land Rover Defender 110

Bikes mounted on Thule 2 bike carrier.


Hi Lift Jack mounted on rear of Land Rover Defender 110

Hi Lift Jack mounted on rear for easy access.


Light protection on Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit

All lights are protected in this way.


Rear inside view of Land Rover Defender 110 with fridge and pull out drawer

Inside rear view: Pull out drawer, fridge, plenty of space. Note there is now a wall dividing this cabin and the front seats for extra security.


Land Rover Defender 110 with roof tent and skirt setup

Tent fully setup with additional room and 2 mountain bikes mounted on Thule bike rack.


Land Rover Defender 110 with roof tent and additional room


Inside roof tent on Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit

King size bed comfortably fits 2 people.


Fresh water tap on rear of Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit

45 L water tank with tap at rear.


Lachlan and Bow Wow with Bushmen tribe with Land Rover Defender 110 camp setup

Meeting the bushmen tribe in Namibia.


Land Rover Defender 110 at top of Sani Pass

Don't miss the Sani Pass in Lesotho.


Land Rover Defender 110 River Crossing

River crossings are too easy.


Lachlan and Bow Wow by lake with Lula

Go wherever you desire.


Land Rover Defender 110 with Overland Kit out front of Cape Town sign

Life on the road with the friendly Africans. Next stop Cape Town.


Land Rover Defender 110 out front of Johannesburg Monte Casino

As previously mentioned, this is a UK registered vehicle currently parked in Cape Town, South Africa with a current Carnet de Passage. It expires on 30th November 2012, though can be renewed for another year or more for further travel through Africa and beyond.

We can also ship the vehicle back to the UK within a month or so if required.

Please contact us for more info.

Good luck! 

Update (13-Apr-2012)

We’re excited to announce that we’ve decided to keep Lula and she’s floating her way back to the UK now. We’re going to re-brand her as The Hope Truck with a new mission… bringing The Band4Hope Project to this summer’s UK festivals!

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21 Responses to “(Not) For Sale: Land Rover Defender 110 Including Complete Overland Kit”

  1. frank chapman says:

    Hi, I am interested in the truck. I need to see interior pictures. Can the second row of seats be reinstalled?

    Frank Chapman
    1000 Royal Palm Way
    Boca Raton, Florida 33432


  2. Michael Shearwood says:

    Is the vehicle still for sale?

  3. Hi Michael,
    I’m afraid it isn’t for now as we’ve decided to bring it back to the UK to take Band4Hope to the festivals this summer. In fact it sails Monday!
    Thanks for you interest :)

  4. Randy says:

    I love your drawer system. was that custom made or do you have a manufacturer that i could contact?

  5. Hi Randy,
    Yes, it’s super handy! LR should install them by default…
    We purchased it in South Africa from
    It is made by

  6. luiz says:

    dear friend, unbeliavable, your car is magnific , congrats !

    Could you give more details how to warm the water for bath ?

    I have a 25l container with a shower and pump but my desire is warming the water during circulating it before the use.



  7. Sure, the water is pumped through a device fitted to the engine which heats the water using the coolant, so the engine needs to be running. It was done by a mechanic and you really need to purchase it from a 4×4 centre.

  8. Lisa & Nick Faheem says:

    Which company did you use to ship the vehicle back to the UKto take, how long is it anticipated and how much did it cost please?
    Kind regards
    Lisa & Nick

  9. Hi Nick, please get in touch with Duncan at He will sort you out completely and is highly recommended! It takes between 3-5 weeks and costs between £1500 and £3000.
    Good luck!

  10. andy says:

    What is your asking price in ZAR(South African rand)
    Is it left or righthand drive?

  11. Hi Andy, unfortunately it is no longer for sale as we changed our minds, but may be in future. We’ll let you know. It is right hand drive. Cheers, Lachlan

  12. sabi says:

    Hello, can you please email me some details on the price of the setup? I plan to do a trip in a 110 from switzerland to asia. You seem to have a good setup and maybe can give me some tips on this kind of trip? Thanks!

  13. Phil-69 says:

    Can you tell me price about Defender Gullwing Door Upgrade ?

    Waiting for you answer, thank you very much !

  14. Raphael Sotriffer says:

    I am looking for a Defender like yours , is it on sale ?? i would buy it !!!
    please let me know

  15. That was a great outdoor activities. I love to travel like that will all your needs are in the truck. It would be an absolute fun if it happens to me.

  16. Sergei says:

    and where the price is, I can not find it?

  17. Sorry, it’s no longer for sale.

  18. opolot simon says:

    The LR Defender 110 is my childhood dream car and is still even now my nunber one car. The day I own one, I would have lived my life. This particular LR advertised here is just awesome and unbelievably handy. I know I can’t afford a car right now, but I can avoid dreaming of LR Defender 110:
    Mini copper is my second dream car.

  19. Mehdi says:

    I know the truck is no longer for sale but i was just wondering how much will it cost to install all the equipment your truck has. Or how much would a truck with all the equipment above cost?

  20. […] You can check out more details and photos on there website here. [link] […]

  21. Michael says:

    Haha love the picture of the cape to cairo sign in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. that’s my home town. looks like an awesome trip…

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