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Favourite Snaps from the Road


We are currently back in Britain trading with Vagabond Van at the summer festivals and launching The Band4Hope Project. We’ll return to Cape Town in a few months to embark on the drive back to Britain. We are unsure of our exact route but dream of shipping our home-on-wheels from Kenya to the south of India where our Bollywood adventures will begin!

Here are some of our highlights so far…


Who: L U C I E,  L A C H L A N, and B O W  W O W.

Their occupations: Gypsy, Slick Suit in Finance, Dog

The trip: Crossing Africa by 4×4, helping communities through trade.

{We’ve cut our teeth on over 25,000km of dirt roads across Southern Africa with our dog, Bow Wow, sourcing wonderful, handmade treasures… Think Summer of Love!}


S U M M E R  O F  L O V E.


B U S H  C H I L D R E N. eastern Namibia.

{On our arrival, these spirited youngsters greeted us in threadbare, western clothing. In the heat, wind and dust, it wasn’t long before we too were similarly begrimed.}


S A L T  P A N. Makgadikgadi Pan, Botswana.

{In life you should travel light for a more comfortable journey.}


LUNAR LANDSCAPE. Makhadikhadi Salt Pans, Botswana.

{We’ll never forget the otherworldliness of waking up in the middle of the Makhadikhadi Salt Pans and gazing out from our tent as the sun rose over the lunar landscape.}


B U S H  C A M P I N G. Ombuku river bed, deep in Kaokoland, Namibia.

{We could hear music and laughter coming from a nearby Himba settlement well after the sun had dropped below the trees.}


H I M B A  K I D S. Gurgling with laughter, Epupa Falls, Namibia.


H I M B A  H O N E Y S. Purros, Namibia.

{I asked if it is uncomfortable to sleep with their hair caked in clay. Once translated, they all groaned in agreement in just the same way a group of girls in a Glasgow tanning salon might have done if I’d asked about leg waxing.}


H I M B A  T R I B E. Purros, Namibia.

{Such warm, kind people. By the time we left, Bow Wow was a red head from all the stroking.}


C A M P  L I F E. Deep in Kaokoland, Namibia.

{Being together 24/7 (for the most part cramped in an extremely small space) highlights any flaws and the Landy has dents from stones meant for Lachlan to prove it! }


L O V E L Y ‘ S  H A I R  S A L O N. Rusape, Zimbabwe.


L O Y A L  P R O T E C T O R. Lesotho.


F E E D I N G  A  N Y A L A. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Swaziland.


L I L A C  B R E A S T E D  R O L L E R. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, Kruger Park, South Africa.


R O A D  T R I P P E R S.


L A N G U A G E  O F  P L A Y. Lüderitz, Namibia.

{Coming face to face with a jackal is a potentially dangerous situation for a dog but one night in Namibia Bow Wow taught us an important lesson; life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react. He approached the jackal in play mode and we watched for several minutes as the two bounded around together. The language of play is universal.}


R A D I O A C T I V E  R O L L E R S. Mel G’s kitsch salon in Lüderitz, Namibia


H O W  T O  W O R K  A  T O O T H P I C K. Cool cat, Raymond, near Grahamstown, South Africa.


B A N A N A S  4  B U S H  B A B I E S. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Swaziland.

{…we called bush babies from their tree top slumber and fed them gooey bananas in Swaziland. In between sleepy munches, these enchanting primates gripped our similar but much bigger hands with their own tiny digits.}


S A N  B U S H M E N.

{These Bushmen were curious to see our home-on-wheels. Lachlan gave them a grand tour.}


E L E P H A N T  D A N C E. Lucie with San Bushmen, near Tsumkwe, eastern Namibia.

{I joined the San women in their Elephant Dance. This ancient dance depicts the female chain of communication that takes place when someone comes across a dangerous animal and the warning of its location spreads from one woman to another. The tune is still imprinted in our minds.}


San Bushmen, near Tsumkwe, eastern Namibia.

{Traveling as The Vagabond Adventures, we establish relationships with craftspeople in rural villages, market their products to the world, and show our readers how they can change lives in Africa and be a part of the adventure.}


G I F T  F R O M  T H E  S A N. eastern Namibia.

{The chief and his wife were such kind, gentle people. They gave me this headband made from the skin of a blue duiker and ostrich shells. Lachlan was given a bow.}


L A S T  N I G H T  I N  T S U M K W E. Watching the great goddess moon rising over the desert.

{The travel and adventure involved in the sourcing of goods.. is the life we love to live – exciting and spontaneous, never knowing what the day will bring. We are happiest when we are striving for our goals, on the move with the sun on our skin, meeting new people and making a positive difference..}


V I L L A G E  C H I L D R E N. Nyanga, Zimbabwe.

{Across Julius’s fence we met a boy wearing a green Scotland top. …Julius, who is also HIV positive, explained that he receives $26 every 2 months from the same charity. His wife died of AIDS leaving him to care for their two young daughters. Out of the $26, he receives $4 per child. They all live with his sisters and their respective families in two small rooms and survive by growing all of their own fruit and vegetables. The government has given Julius acres of land and so he could grow much more and start a business but he has no money for fertiliser or seeds and so the land lies redundant.}


H U S T L E R. Harare, Zimbabwe.


C R A F T I N G  4  V A G A B O N D  V A N.

{While the women worked deftly, the piles of candy beads grew and the radio spluttered soft African beats.}


R E C Y C L E D  J E W E L S of Harare, Zimbabwe.

{Baby Future snoozed contentedly on her beading mother’s back.}


L A K E  K A R I B A.  Zimbabwe.


T O N G A  W O M A N. Near Binga, Zimbabwe.

{…some of the stuff we’ve learned…Don’t mess with warthogs…‘Now’ does not mean now (nor does ‘just now’)…Lives could be saved by not having elections…It helps to write your worries in the sand and let them wash away with the tide…Africa makes everyone humble.}


B A N D 4 H O P E  M A N U F A C T U R E. near Harare, Zimbabwe.


B A N D 4 H O P E.

{…inspired by the carved geometric cuffs the Himba people wear in Namibia. Traditionally these cuffs have been carved from bone but often today they are made out of plastic piping.}


H O P E  I S  C O N T A G I O U S [pass it on]


H O P E  I S  C O N T A G I O U S [pass it on]


V A G A B O N D  V A N. The Secret Garden Party 2011.


V A G A B O N D  V A N. The Secret Garden Party 2011.


P L A N T I N G  H O P E S. The Secret Garden Party 2011.


I hope that in my lifetime… M Y  L O V E  E M B R A C E S  E V E R Y O N E  I  M E E T.


I hope that in my lifetime… H U M A N S  C R E A T E  M O R E  T H A N  T H E Y  C O N S U M E.

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  1. Debbie Kelly says:

    I love your site! It was wonderful to review. Did you have any problems bringing the dog Bow Wow with you across countries?

    I admire your spirit and travels. I hope to get to some of the places you visited. I was in Egypt with the kids in Dec 2010. Keep up the great work as well as the pictures and stories on your site. Please check out mine. Thanks and take care

  2. Wow, journey of a lifetime. I admire you guys so much for just doing your own thing and not sticking to the road traveled by most. Can’t believe you’re going again! Post some updates of you home in the UK.

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