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Caves Haunted by the Souls of Captured Travellers (Photo Diary)

The Chinhoyi Caves are situated in a national park a couple of hours drive from Harare. We had fingers and paws crossed that they’d allow us to camp there with a dog. Thankfully, after a few licks, Bow Wow was welcome and we set up camp under a jacaranda tree, once again, the only visitors there.

Man wearing a purple suit standing at the entrance to the Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe

Who'd have thought we would track this seasons colour blocking trend to the Chinhoyi Caves?


Approaching the clear blue sunlit Sleeping Pool, Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe.

The caves consist of a system of tunnels and caverns which are slowly collapsing. Like the rest of Zimbabwe, Chinhoyi often has power cuts so we grabbed our head torches just in case and made our way through the caves and down in to a vast sinkhole filled with clear blue water and crowned in sunlight.


View of the clear blue Sleeping Pool and lush vegetation, Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe.

The 90 metre deep pool is said to be haunted by the souls of captured travellers. In the early 1800s an outlaw called Nyamakwere used the caves as a stronghold, robbing surprised travellers before drowning them in what is now called the 'Sleeping Pool'.


4 Walls surrounding the clear blue Sleeping Pool, Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe.

This is a spiritual place for local people who beleive that anyone who speaks evil within its walls will suffer misfortune and die.


Girl watching gold fish in clear bue Sleeping Pool, Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe.

We read in a book printed in the 60's that some unknown person had released gold fish in to the pool and sure enough this alien species is thriving today!


Clear blue Sleeping Pool, Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe.

The water appeared so artificially blue and clear that we suspected they'd used the same dye that Californian golf course groundsmen prefer for their ponds but no, apparently it's totally natural.


Looking down on the clear blue Sleeping Pool, Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe.

Or perhaps there's a more mystical reason and it's something to do with all those lost travellers' souls...


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