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A Movement 4 Positive Social Change [Band4Hope]

T H E B A N D 4 H O P E P R O J E C T

Travelling, traceable Band4Hopes, raising money for charity as they’re passed from person to person around the world...

We’re always on the look out for craftspeople who we can develop products with to sell through our shop, Vagabond Van. Through ongoing trade, we hope that we can help the wonderful people we meet along the way and share their talent with you.

Near Harare, in Zimbabwe, we came across a business which produces copper and zinc bands (which are believed to have empowering properties but I’ll save that for another post).


Manufacturing Band4Hope Bands in Harare, Zimbabwe.

B A N D 4 H O P E  M A N U F A C T U R E. Great skill and care goes in to the handcrafting of each band.

After wearing these special copper and zinc bands for a few days, inspiration struck. We came up with an idea which has the potential to spread hope, not just in Zimbabwe but across the globe. (When you’re stuck in a Land Rover for hours every day, its amazing the ideas you come up with :))

We had the bands made in our own design and, here’s the significant part, each was engraved with its own unique ID. We then built a website so that, when it goes live in the next few weeks, owners will be able to pass on their Band4Hope and watch its journey unfold online as it travels from person to person, gathering hopes and memories. 10% of the sale price from each Band4Hope goes to a charity of your choice and there’s also the option for people to donate through your band to this chosen charity.


The Band4Hope Band with ID engraved on inside.

B A N D  4  H O P E. Each band has a unique ID engraved on the inside that links it to a HopeTrail, connecting all of its owners.

 How the project works. Buy a Band4Hope, Wear it, Give it to someone and Follow it's journey online


The project aims to band people, hopes and actions together, while raising funds and awareness for charity through the continual passing on of Band4Hopes and the recording of their journeys online in a HopeTrail.

[hope + action] x crowd = a movement 4 positive social change


A Band4Hope Band with Himba band on Lucie's wrist in the Land Rover.

B A N D  4  H O P E. Copper and zinc band, ethically handcrafted in Africa.

{… inspired by the carved geometric cuffs of the Himba people we met in Namibia. Traditionally these cuffs have been carved from bone but often today they are made using plastic piping.}


A collage of pictures from our visit to the Himba tribe of Kaokaland, Namibia.D E S I G N  I N S P I R A T I O N. Himba tribe, Namibia.



A close up of a Rhino at Mkhaya Game Reserve for Back to Africa.

B A C K  T O  A F R I C A  offers an alternative approach to species conservation.

The wildlife conservation charity, Back to Africa, is close to our hearts. We hope that this is just one of the great causes which will benefit from the Band4Hope project.

The Band4Hope Project - Hope is contagious... [pass it on]

The Band4Hope Project – Launching very soon! Enter your email at and get an early invite.

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    Such a cool idea–already signed up. When you are ready, I will definitely feature the Band4Hope on my blog.


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