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Maps & Books – Africa Overland Essentials

We have used everything on this page extensively and guarantee you’ll find them invaluable.

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The most informed way of getting through Africa is to use 3 different types of maps as follows.

Paper Maps (for the overall perspective)

First of all, you definitely need these paper maps as they are the most accurate (Michelin 741, 745 & 746). Even if you have the latest GPS with all the maps loaded, it’s difficult to see the big picture without these. Plus, your GPS is easy to steal. Lay them on the bonnet, have a cup of Rooibos and decide where to go next.

In addition to the below, UK customers should also check out and compare prices. For some reason Amazon UK doesn’t always stock these.



Targeted Maps

Unfortunately, our National Geographic African Adventure Atlas is starting to fall apart. Yes, we’ve used it that much. Not only does it cover the entire continent, it also provides relevant information on each country and advice on tourist attractions and adventure activities.

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GPS Mapping

We used this all the time and combined with the above, have never been lost!

Garmin Oregon 300 Garmin Oregon 300

Garmin very kindly decided to become a sponsor by providing us with one of these hand held beauties! It has a 3-inch diagonal, sunlight-readable, color, touchscreen display and is bump, dust, dirt, humidity and water proof! Though I’ll still have to be careful considering they don’t mention anything about it being Bow Wow or worse, Lucie proof.

Garmap Africa Series 2010 Garmap Southern Africa Top & Rec

Along with our hand held Oregon 300, Garmin also very kindly threw in maps for Southern Africa which includes 18 countries.

Tracks 4 Africa


This GPS map set is highly recommended and not too expensive either. T4A GPS Maps are a set of 14 regional GPS maps covering most parts of the African continent. If you are a tourist or business traveller and looking for a GPS map to guide you through Africa then you would appreciate the accuracy and detail of T4A GPS Maps.

Using GPS devices, the Tracks4Africa (T4A) community when touring Africa do meticulous record keeping of their travels. From this huge repository of high quality GPS data they have created a super accurate GPS map called the T4A Map. But the T4A Map is more than that, it is the collective navigational experience of the T4A community over the past 7 years. It shows Africa the way it is and how it is constantly changing.



Overlanding / 4×4 Guide

We have also used this extensively. Ideal for the beginner to the more advanced. Invaluable advice and tips from the road.

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Travel Guides

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  1. Mark Sandham says:

    Also worth getting hold of what I reckon is the classic Africa overland book – Malachite: a Journey in Africa, by Paul Marketos. They drove a clapped-out Bedford from Cape Town to London, with a No bribes! policy. You can imagine the conflict. It’s a warts and all account, and really takes you into the dynamics of the group onboard. It’s an e-book now and an excellent read.

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