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March 2012

Wanderlust for Life - The Vagabond Adventures appear in the April 2012 issue of Tatler magazine.

Wanderlust for Life – Tatler Magazine (UK edition)

Some people go on holiday. Others, however, go on awfully big adventures.


June 2011

Weekend Argus News Clipping - 4th June 2011 - Vagabonds leave their trademark across Africa

Weekend Argus (National South African Newspaper) – ‘Vagabonds’ leave their trademark across Africa

An Australian man and a Scottish woman have travelled more than 25 000km through southern Africa sourcing original crafts from local communities to sell via their online shop…



May 2011

of clay wind and water by Soulbird - Vagabond Van Press


of clay, wind, and water…Soulbird


Next week, Lucie of the Vagabond Adventures talks to us some more about gypsy boutiques, starting a business, and her buying trips all over Africa!


in a dusty land of ancient melodies by Soulbird - The Vagabond Adventures Press


in a dusty land of ancient melodies… - Soulbird



Lucie, does travel necessarily open minds to other cultures or do we end up bringing our own perceptions with us?

Experiencing other cultures is enriching and enlightening. You discover that essentially human beings are all the same; we want to be happy, to love, to be free.


running ahead of dreams by Soulbird - Vagabond Van Press


running ahead of dreams…Soulbird

Interview with a traveller…


Bite Me by Kingdom of Style - Vagabond Van Press


BITE ME…Kingdom of Style


It’s still all about beads and necklaces here in The Kingdom!

Queen Michelle is trapped in a crystal cave and someone has locked me inside the Vagabond Van…

But grabbing big handfuls of Zulu Teething Beads, as I climbed out the window, I escaped…


six bells by Kingdom of Style - Vagabond Van Press


six bellsStreet Style London by Polka Dot

Speaking of something charming: the lovely Lucie, of Vagabond Van, just sent me an email that ‘We’ve just started taking advance orders for the most darling handmade charm necklaces. I began noticing them nestled in bronzed collar bones around Cape Town about a month ago and have coveted them ever since. I’ve tracked down the designer and am making an order this week.

We’re taking advance orders now with only a limited number available.


From the Beach to the Dojo by Kingdom of Style - Vagabond Van Press



Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!

The bracing air, the cold sand, and best of all , looking for shells, shiny polished stones and glass on the beach and in all the little rock pools. As I gather up my treasures, I tell myself that I will make…


get aboard the vagabond van apollonia by Street Style London - Vagabond Van Press


get aboard the vagabond van, apollonia!Street Style London by Polka Dot

Once upon a time, many years ago – many, many years ago – I had this white dress.. I’m a bit obsessed with the dress, actually, as I know I’d never willingly part with it, and I’m so afraid it’s in the storage unit somewhere North of England (they moved our unit & we didn’t find out til years later), being eaten by moths…





April 2011

Trying to make good things grow... by Kingdom of Style - The Vagabond Adventures Press


Trying to make good things grow…Kingdom of Style

We all like to see good things grow.
But how many of us actually get up off our sofas and actively try to help make good things grow?
I may make it as far as the Royal Garden, where the first tulips…


hippie giveaway by hippiebohoreloaded - Vagabond Van Press


hippie giveaway – handmade earrings by vagabond vanhippiebohoreloaded.

The lovely Luana Gabriella of Forever Boho – Bohemian Fashion (awesome boho style blog) chose me as a winner for her giveaway! I had the luck to choose one of these beautiful earrings from Vagabond Van…


Giveaway Winners by Forever Boho - Vagabond Van Press


Giveaway WinnersForever Boho

So, the day has finally arrived! But before announcing the lucky winners, I just wanna thank everyone who participated in this wonderful giveaway and special thanks to Vagabond Van for giving me the opportunity to host…


Vagabond Van - The Adventures of Lucie Lachlan & Bow Wow - nothingofrelevance - Press



I have recently stumbled across Vagabond Van. A couple (and their dog) with the plan to drive from the bottom of Africa back to Britain Picking up amazing Eco products along the way to sell on their online store. Check out the adventures on their blog and also have a look on the online store – maybe do your part to…



March 2011

Changers of the Month by SA Sweet Heart - The Vagabond Adventures press - 400


Changers of the MonthSA Sweet Heart

After some serious surfing for change on the net – I discovered an amazing couple trio, Lucie, Lachlan and Bow Wow – more commonly known as Vagabond Van. I am not even going to try tell you their story…


Vagabond Van Giveaway by Forever Boho


Vagabond Van GiveawayForever Boho

I’m super excited to have teamed up with Vagabond Van to offer 3 lucky readers a chance to win a beautiful scarf and an earring of their choice. Vagabond Van is an eclectic, colourful and one-of-a-kind boutique ,that offers clothes and accessories which are as individual as…



February 2011

Interview on The Expresso Show, SABC3 (South Africa)

We three were invited on to a live South African breakfast show called Expresso. Clearly the lime light went straight to Bow Wow’s furry head and he behaved terribly, even biting the rather dishy presenter at one point. He is demanding his own dressing room next time with Hill’s dog treats and bowls of chilled Evian.


October 2010 – Gtribe Magazine – Full Page – Blogger of the Month

Full page Gtribe Magazine - Blogger of the Month

Press Releases

14 April 2010 – Vagabond Adventure Couple & their Dog on Epic Overland Adventure in Support of Wildlife Conservation Charity, Back to Africa. Download PDF Version

The Vagabond Adventures - Press Release - 14 April 2010




Vagabond Adventure Couple & their Dog on Epic Overland Adventure in Support of Wildlife Conservation Charity, Back to Africa.

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