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Friends & Links


  • Back to Africa – We are supporting this non-profit charity.  See link above under the supporting drop down menu for more information.
  • Alphen Veterinary Hospital – Hamish Currie’s Veterinary.  Bow Wow goes here (he thinks for treats) when in Constantia.  Back to Africa also operates from here. Constantia Road, Constantia, Cape Town, 7806.  Phone: (021) 794-1522.
  • DARG – Where we rescued Bow Wow!  Based in Hout Bay, Cape Town, the Domestic Animal Rescue Group do amazing things saving dogs everyday.
  • HMCW Ink – Lachlan’s brother Hamish is not only a brainy scientist. He has a raw talent for illustration, packed with meaning. He illustrated the Vagabond Van website.
  • Miriam McWilliam – Lachlan’s brother’s (Hamish) wife Miriam is an uber talented graphic designer/artist with an eye for raw and natural beauty. In fact, she designed the Vagabond Van website.


  • Glen Green Photography – We met Glen with his family in Purros, Namibia and didn’t realise how much of a master photographer he was until we checked out his website. He says, “I try to show a side of Africa that most people don’t see, things that are typically African but that may soon disappear. Images that are simple, yet powerful are what appeal to me, and black and white is great for that.”
  • Razorday – Razorday is lifestyle Photography from New York City. Scenes, Fashion, Art.

Travel Blogs

  • 1000 Places to Fight Before you Die – Mike and Luci met in third grade, started fighting in 6th grade, and haven’t stopped. For any couple on the road together, you should definitely check out this site!
  • A Tramp Abroad – A Tramp Abroad is dedicated to publishing quirky, helpful travel tips and wanderlust inspiring essays.
  • Backpacking Worldwide – An interesting guy who has the travel bug!
  • Beachcomber Pete – Join Pete as he travels the world.
  • Escape from Cube Land – A traveller who’s been in a little grey cube for too long!
  • Everything Everywhere – Gary has been travel blogging around the world since March 2007.
  • Finding Emo – Steve & Mark will be travelling just behind us and have a great plan: drive north from Cape Town!  We hope to bump into them at some point.  They’re site is seriously stylish and humorous, definitely worth checking out.  Positive proof that Aussies are the funniest race.
  • Globo Treks – Inspiration from a travelling architect!
  • Holes in My Soles – A shoemaker’s travels around this world and within the Id.
  • Indie Travel Podcast – Craig & Linda are on the road and Podcasting at the same time!
  • Johnny Vagabond – Join Wes on his 1+ year budget journey around the world.
  • Mr & Mrs Globe Trot – Julia and Yuriy are a recently married couple who have decided to travel the world for half a year just after their wedding. It’s well worth your while to check out their amazing photos.
  • Otts World – Travel and life experiences of a corporate American runaway.
  • Positive World Travel – Anthony and Elise are seasoned travellers who have created an exceptional lifestyle and want to inspire you to do the same. Inspire. Excite. Believe.
  • Spunky Girl Monologues – With a well designed blog and great photography skills, this Canadian girl will embark on an open ended, round the world trip from August 2010.
  • Strange LandsESL, Travel and Language Learning site.
  • The Backpacker Herald – A website for backpackers, written by backpackers.
  • The French Way Blog - John Reese specialises in everything to do with tourism in France.
  • Wandering Trader’s Travels – A trader who left America to travel the world.
  • Write Round SA – Justin Brogan distributes writing stationery to children in rural village schools, missions and orphanages all over Africa.  He has provided us with pleny of invaluable advice for our journey.
  • 12 Legs – This couple are taking 12 months to travel around the USA with their two dogs.


  • Hipster Travel Guide – The complete guide to living, travelling and becoming totally ironic.
  • The Bark – Bark is the magazine of modern dog culture—it speaks to the serious dog enthusiast. Bark is the indispensable guide to life with dogs, showing readers how to live smartly and rewardingly with their canine companions.

Travel Advice

Forums / Networks / Guides

  • The Africa Overland Network – This is a network portal hosting the best independent overland travel websites.  If you’re planning a trip overland, you must check this out.
  • Overland Live – An extension of The Africa Overland Network.  Features real time travel information from the latest overland travel websites.
  • Darn Good Digs – An online guide to the world’s best independently owned accommodations for budget-minded travellers.

Travel / Tour Companies

  • Nomad Adventure Tours – A 100% African Owned tour company, they have a fleet of over 40 trucks, 130 staff and 30 scheduled departures a month all over Africa.


  • All Terrain 4×4 – Trevor Knutsen taught us how to use Lula and never get stuck!  He specialises in off-road training, 4×4 team building corporate events and overland adventures.  We highly recommend him.
  • Safari Centre 4×4 Store – These guys fitted out Lula, ready for expedition.  Definitely the place to go in Cape Town for all your 4×4 needs.

Special Thanks

  • Jamie Hope – Based in Cape Town, he can restore almost anything and is excellent with cars. He spent time going over Lula the Landy, pointing out areas to watch and passing on some invaluable advice.
  • Western Cape Landy Centre – Pieter was very kind to offer Lachlan advice on how to fix Lula the Landy and what to look out for. He has a great repair shop out at Worcester, Western Cape. Phone: +27 (0)23 342 0208.

Camp Sites

  • CampSA – A comprehensive directory of caravan and camping sites in Southern Africa.
  • Montagu Caravan Park – Right in the centre of Montagu.
  • Cango Mountain Resort – Near the Cango Caves and Oudtshoorn, South Africa.
  • Kabeljous Caravan Park – Jeffreys Bay – Phone: +27 42 293 3300
  • Matatiele Caravan Park – Phone: +27 (0)39 737 3333
  • Sani Top Chalets – Top of the Sani Pass in Lesotho. The highest pub in Africa!
  • Dragon Peaks Mountain Resort – Set in the rugged Drakensberg mountains of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Graphic Design / Printing

  • ArtLab – Thanks to Craig for sorting our vehicle stickers.  We found their shop whilst visiting The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town.

John Reese specialises in everything to do with tourism in France


6 Responses to “Friends & Links”

  1. nick says:

    Lucie, Lachlan and BowWow,

    Interested to see you kitted your Land Rover in Cape Town. Was it cheaper doing it that way?

    Take care.


  2. Hi Nick,
    Anything to do with outdoors and camping that is made here does seem to be cheaper. Anything imported is the same or more. Though the exchange rate is not so good at the moment. If you want prices for some of these things to compare, late me know :)

  3. Jim says:
    Loved the baboon stories.
    Would love to set up links between our sites.You’ll find we’re promoting wildlife conservation in many of our blogs.

  4. Dave & Hilary says:

    Have so enjoyed all your adventures
    Will be in CT from mid Aug to Dec to meet our family from Perth Will spend a week of that time along the West Coast as it is wild flower season & a week at Kruger Park
    Contact us if you are near

  5. Great site! Wondering if you would exchange links with us? Our site is 1000 places to fight before you die.

    Mike & Luci

  6. Loved the Glen Green Photography link you posted, thanks for the tip.

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