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Bridge2Haiti is one of the charities that we’re supporting through The Band4Hope Project.

Bridge2Haiti founder Sarah Griffith with earthquake survivors in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

At Guernsey Festival we met Sarah Griffith who delivers aid to Haiti's worst affected earthquake survivors.


Haiti earthquake survivors helped by Bridge2Haiti and holding up their hands in the shape of a heart and wearing Band4Hope wristbands

Sarah set up the charity called Bridge2Haiti in the aftermath of the shattering earthquake which hit the island on January 12th 2010 killing hundreds of thousands of its citizens and making over a million homeless.


Children wearing smart uniforms and playing in the playground of the school which Bridge2Haiti rebuilt behind the slums of Port-au-Prince

Bridge2Haiti is a small charity making a big difference to the people who need help most in the Haitian slums of Port-au-Prince. Projects include the rebuilding of this school behind the slums which educates over 400 children.


School boys wearing smart uniforms provided by Bridge2Haiti behind the slums of Port-au-Prince

Bridge2Haiti provide the children with paid teachers, classrooms, books, clean cholera free drinking water, a daily meal, uniforms, stability and a chance of a better life.


Haiti earthquake survivors helped by Bridge2Haiti and wearing Band4Hope wristbands in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

When Sarah visited Port-au-Prince last month to deliver aid, she also took some Band4Hope wristbands and a box of 'I hope that in my lifetime...' tags.


Haiti earthquake survivor Bebe holds up her Band4Hope tag which reads 'I hope that in my lifetime... I become a big business woman.' in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Bebe hopes that in her lifetime she becomes a big business woman and is able to help her community.


Earthquake survivor, Fedora, is sponsored by Bridge2Haiti and wears a Band4Hope while forming a heart with her hands in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Fedora was eleven years old when she was trapped in her family home after the earthquake. She survived for nine days by drinking her own urine. Tragically, her younger brother died at her side. Bridge2Haiti help Fedora's family with rent and sponsor her education. Fedora hopes to travel the world and have an iPod.


Emily feeding a baby orphan called Tyson who she cares for along with nine other orphans at her orphanage in Haiti and wearing a Band4Hope wristband

Sarah passed her Band4Hope on to Emily who cares for nine orphans in Haiti including this baby bundle of hope, Tyson. Emily hopes that in her lifetime she impacts one life, inspires one person and leaves something behind that is worth remembering.

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