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No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith

“Lachlan, Lucie and their exemplary dog are bravely setting off on an amazing journey. They are travelling to bring attention to a great and wonderful cause, Back to Africa, and I shall be cheering them on as they do so. I join Precious Ramotswe in saying to all three adventurers:”Go well!””

Alexander McCall Smith – Worldwide Best Selling Author and Creator of Mma Ramotswe

“A great quest for a great cause! Gods speed!”

Bear Grylls – Everest Mountaineer, Best Selling Author, International Speaker

Bear Grylls

Lucy Irvine - Castaway“Species have been going extinct since life on earth began. But now mankind, arguably one of the planet’s most gifted animals, has evolved to a point at which he can assist in preserving rare species by re-introducing them to the wild. Back To Africa is an organization which does just this, and shortly, Lucie, Lachlan and Bow Wow, a two homo sapiens, 1 canine team, will be travelling from Cape Town to Kenya to spread the story of Back To Africa’s successes with fellow creatures which could otherwise die out. I feel this kind of work is one of the better purposes to which man can put his extraordinary gifts. Maybe one day we’ll have to hope some power reaches out to help us, instead of letting us fall extinct. Meantime, please help Back To Africa help animals if you can.

Wishing Lucie and Lachlan all the very best from the Balkans,

Lucy Irvine

(with supportive noises off for Bow Wow from canine rescue cases: Boudicca, Bipple, Pupple, Honeyboy and Little Simon)”

Lucy Irvine – Best Selling Author of Castaway, Runaway and Faraway





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