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Bow Wow’s Distinguishing Features

Ruff rrrrruffff everyone!

We are about to set off on our big adventure and I am very excited.  I love being in the car now and have my very own seat in the back so that I can look out of the window and pretend that I am hunting.

Since going to puppy training in the park across the road I am much better behaved.  I was a bit of a thug before but now I am described as a ‘delight’.  Puppy training is one of my favourite things to do as I get to learn new skills and play.  The park is home to a library of smells and it’s easy to find sticks perfect for playing fetch.  I have some good friends who I see there like Fester (flat-face!) the pug who thinks that he is a pitbull, kind Amber, a Heinz 57 like me and Smudge a crazy something-doodle, a poodle cross, but nobody knows quite what with!

The breeds that make up me are a total mystery.  Maybe you can have a guess if I describe myself…

I have a tail that looks as though it has been dipped in ink which thankfully is growing as it seemed disproportionately small at one point.  Someone tactlessly even described it as rat-like.

My velvet ears move independently of one another but one more so than the other meaning that they usually flop to the left.  Mum says that it gives me a characterful sort of handsomeness like the illustration of Jock on Percy Fitzpatrick’s book, Jock of the Bushveld.  My hero, Jock, was a loyal and fearless dog who traveled through Africa in the 1900′s, had lots of adventures and fought wild animals.  I hope to be that brave too one day but I am still a little afraid of some things like the swimming pool.  When I am alert or frightened, all of the kangaroo coloured hairs on my back stand on end like a ridgeback.

I have a soft black muzzle but my gnashers are pretty sharp and I need to chew a lot.  Last week I made the mistake of chewing a corner off a delicious antique Persian rug.  That is the naughtiest thing that I have ever done and I felt so awful afterwards.  I hate being in trouble.  Luckily Mum and Dad were understanding and it wasn’t long before I was having my tummy scratched and eating biltong.  I like to eat most things, even fruit which I hear is quite unusual for a dog.

We go on long walks everyday so I need lots of energy.  The best walks are the ones where I meet lots of other dogs, experience pungent smells and can dig holes.  Hout Bay beach ticks all of these boxes and I can splash in the waves too.

It is time for another tale from Jock of the Bushveld now and then bed.  I will try to dream about the scrumptious bone I am going to get at the Biscuit Mill market tomorrow!

Big licks, Bow Wow

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2 Responses to “Bow Wow’s Distinguishing Features”

  1. Alexa says:

    Hi guys!

    Loving the site! Where are you travelling at the moment, and when will you be coming to Jozi to visit?

    Thinking of you all the time!

    Much Love


  2. admin says:

    Thanks Alexa. We still haven’t left! But plan to this week… Things keep happening! Not sure when we’ll be up your way, but a couple of weeks away at least. Glad to hear things are going well for you guys and look forward to catching up soon.

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