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Northern White Rhino Project Update

BACK TO AFRICA directors Pete Morkel and Hamish Currie flew to Kenya in April 2010 to check out the Northern White Rhino project.

An electrified 700 acre camp has been erected next to the bomas for the project. This will soon be followed by another 400 acre enclosure. This will enable our rhino’s to lead a life in almost wild conditions and we are sure this will enhance the possibility of normal reproductive activity. Considering the fact that these rhinos have been together in the zoo for so long, an almost brother sister relationship exists between them so it is our intention to mix them with southern white rhinos to “stir things up” on the reproductive front.

Working with Kenya Wild Life Service vet Mathew Mutinda we set about capturing southern cows that were moved into the camp. Four females and two sub adult males were caught including a cow with a three week old calf. It is expected she will come into oestrus very soon and it is hope that Sudan and Suni will be receptive to her. At the same time all the animals were dehorned to prevent injury in case of fighting and also to reduce temptation.

On the antelope front we have exciting news. Six sable calves have been born in the Mokala National Park and seven roan calves were born in Swaziland. Considering the precarious status of these species in Southern Africa we are proud to be playing a role in the conservation of these species.


Back to Africa Northern White Rhino Update April 2010

This article reproduced by The Vagabond Adventures, from Back to Africa’s Facebook page as part of our ongoing efforts in supporting this worthwhile cause. See Back to Africa for further information.

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