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Back to Africa

Back to Africa In zoos all over the world, there are collections of rare and endangered African animals.

We support a non-profit organisation called Back to Africa that relocates rare & endangered African species from zoological institutions worldwide “back to Africa”.  They provide a mechanism for co-operation between conservation in Africa and zoological institutions.

Back to Africa offers an alternative approach to species conservation.

They source rare animals in zoos to start breeding projects in Africa, that will be used to re-stock their National Parks and to research the reasons for their decline and adaptability back to the wild.  With their knowledge and contacts in Africa, they are able to identify responsible custodians and safe areas for these special animals.

Back to Africa also offers a service to conservation projects in Africa where the need might arise.  For example they provide veterinary services to South African National Parks (in the Table Mountain National Park) and The University of Cape Town’s baboon research unit.

Our Support

On our overland journey, we plan to visit all of Back to Africa’s project sites and write about what we find.  In doing so, we hope to build awareness for this worthwhile cause and educate people on these rare and endangered species.

Donate Now!

You can donate to Back to Africa now from almost any country in the world and using almost any form of payment. Please help us support this worthwhile cause by making a donation now.


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9 Responses to “Back to Africa”

  1. Craig says:

    The latest two-week long meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) saw bureaucrats sweep aside expert advice on how to save the bluefin tuna.

    I have lost all faith in human kind.

    All people seem to car about is money.

    Im close to walking out on the world.

    I know its a fish but geeze its a cool fish and it fights hard im going to be looking to support any group who are supporting the bluefin.

    Rant over

    Love you guys


  2. It’s sad when people are blinded by greed.

  3. Russell says:

    Excellent cause!!!! I like it peoples.

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  5. Craig says:

    Great cause.

    GO TEAM!

  6. Cobba, thanks for the donation mate, you’re a legend! Go the Mo!

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