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About The Team

Entrepreneurial vagabonds travelling the world with their faithful hound, Bow Wow, helping communities through trade.

The Vagabond Adventures at the Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana.

Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

How We Became 3

Lachlan and Lucie gazing into each others eyes near the beginning of their relationship.Lucie Galt and Lachlan McWilliam first met at The Bongo Club in Edinburgh in 2009. They discovered that they shared a passion for adventure and a dream to do something remarkable. On date five, bouncing over cobblestones in the back of a black cab, they hatched a plan to drive across Africa helping communities along the way through trade. They knew that it would be a challenge but had no idea that, undoubtedly, the hardest part would not be corrupt border officials, terrible roads or even the lack of Vegemite but would, in actual fact, be having to deal with each other. In a confined space. For months on end. With no break.

Bow Wow was not part of the original plan, but a chance encounter with this smooth operator at an animal welfare centre in Cape Town sealed the deal. He is now an integral member of the team as an instant maker of friends, alarm system, protector, loyal companion and of course, peacemaker.

Lucie in pink dress with parasole at Secret Garden Party for Vagabond Van.

Lucie is a chatterbox from Scotland (often too much and too loud). Educated at the closest thing to Malory Towers and then went on to art college in Dundee. She started Vagabond Van, a mobile boutique operating from a 1952 Airstream caravan and embarked on a raggle taggle gypsy life, trading at music festivals and events across the UK. She’s enthusiastic and creative with an eye for detail and beauty but has great trouble meeting deadlines due to her tendency to fanny-about and resist change (known as Last Minute Lucie at uni and the source of many arguments on the road). She’s been incredibly disorganised in her time but is getting better having lived out of a Landy for months where everything has to have its place (another source of arguments). She’s so expressive, her mood is contagious – high or low. Happiest on the move, chinwagging with the sun on her skin, soaking up the beauty of the great outdoors. The recipient of much unrequited mosquito love. Her guilty pleasure is trashy magazines and her greatest fear is the comfortable emptiness of suburbia. The thing she misses most on the road? A dish washer.

Lachlan McWilliam in business suit, New Town, Edinburgh.

Lachlan, like most Australians, is cocky confident and comfortable in all aspects of his being. He believes that he can do anything he sets his mind to and is currently harbouring a dream to captain a space exploration mission for extra terrestrial lifeforms. An entrepreneur from 14 years old, his business and internet skills have taken him all over the world and helped launch the Vagabond Van online shop last year. He’s up for anything, likes to be challenged and push life to its limits. He can walk on his hands, juggle and do a devastating Blue Steel impersonation. Most likely to say “I’ll work it out.”, he is supremely capable and learns fast. However, it’s not just the African sun that’s responsible for Lucie’s thickening skin; he can be horribly impatient, insensitive, easily frustrated and is far too demanding of others. Happiest when he is striving towards a goal. Would most like to be the person that Bow Wow already thinks he is. The thing he misses most on the road? Vegemite.

Bow Wow sleeping when he was a puppy.


Bow Wow was found abandoned at two weeks old in Imizamo Yethu township in Cape Town, South Africa by the animal welfare organisation DARG. He’s a great soccer player who resembles an otter when he swims and a kangaroo when nature calls. He’s loving, huggable and enjoys being made a great fuss of. He can run for miles and believes that he’s a super dog made up of all the best dog brands. His terrible farts have prompted mass evacuations and the nickname Cadac. Passions include landscaping and he has been known to dig historically accurate WWII style trenches. He’s a poo connoisseur having enjoyed varieties as exotic as elephant and giraffe. He aims perfectly when leaving his mark. His favourite food is anything by Hill’s which he has reluctantly shared with mongoose, ants, jackals and warthogs on our travels. He gets much smarter if biltong is involved and loves travelling with the window open and the wind in his fur. He strongly believes that all you need is love. And a dog. The thing he misses most on the road? Going back for buried bones later.

If you’d like to see more photos of Bow Wow, he has loads on Facebook (made public by popular demand!).  While you’re there, why not become his friend?

The Vagabond Adventures stay near the Bushmen village at Tsumkwe, Namibia.

Near the Bushmen village at Tsumkwe, Namibia.

Our journey thus far (over 25,000km around Southern Africa) has taught us a great deal – here’s some of the stuff we’ve learnt in no particular order:

  • Travel light for a more comfortable journey.
  • Never leave sizzling sausages unattended.
  • Always purify drinking water.
  • Food tastes better eaten African style with hands (wash first).
  • Words are not always necessary to communicate.
  • Don’t mess with warthogs.
  • No point worrying – we’ll always manage to ‘make a plan’.
  • Crocodiles are allergic to cats.
  • Braii-ing (BBQ-ing) is an art form and taken extremely seriously.
  • The African sun is unforgiving – always wear sunscreen.
  • Nothing is ever perfect in Africa, but everything is negotiable.
  • We have to stick together to stay safe.
  • With a little imagination, you can make surprisingly tasty meals with very few ingredients, most of them canned.
  • Being together 24/7 (and for the most part cramped in an extremely small space) highlights any character flaws – the Landy has dents from stones meant for Lachlan to prove it.
  • ‘Now’ does not mean now (nor does ‘just now’).
  • Combies are not just taxis, they’re also police ATMs.
  • A smile and friendly banter go a long way.
  • Lives could be saved by not having elections.
  • It helps to write your worries in the sand and let them wash away with the rolling tide.
  • Chimbuku beer may be ‘smart & portable’ but it’s not drinkable.
  • It’s important to leave your camera and note book behind sometimes.
  • Zoos around the world can play a crucial role in protecting Africa’s endangered species.
  • There are very few truly wild places left.
  • Africa makes everyone humble.
  • This is the life we love to live – exciting and spontaneous, never knowing what the day will bring.
  • You can take the dog out of the township but you can never take the township out of the dog.

14 Responses to “About The Team”

  1. Hayley says:

    Great site! I’m excited to follow your adventures!

  2. Nancy says:

    Love your site. I have stumbled, subscribed, digged (“dug?) and everything else, lol. Also, looking forward to Bands 4 Hope.

    Just wanted to know you were the first site of your kind I found, several months ago and you have inspired me: cut my work hours down substantially, traveled to NZ, and started my own blog!

    Love to have you check it out if you ever have a moment.


  3. Jenny from DARG says:

    Lovely to see ZEUS (I refuse to abandon the elegant name I gave him!) looking so happy and well. Both of you look good too. Happy rambling. Will be in touch re Band4hope

  4. […] About the Team | The Vagabond Adventures of Lucie, Lachlan & Bow Wow Don’t mess with warthogs. No point worrying – we’ll always manage to ‘make a plan’. Words are not always necessary to communicate. Crocodiles are allergic to cats. […]

  5. Nin says:

    Aww, very cute introduction. I love the story of Bow Wow, and very touch when you decided to take him along with your adventure…. I bet he will forever indebted to you guys.

  6. Josie says:

    Hi Lucie and Lachlan, What an incredible adventure. Especially like this in your “learnt” column: “It helps to write your worries in the sand and let them wash away with the rolling tide.”
    I wish you safe and wonderful travels.
    Be well,

  7. Andrew says:

    Hi! Lucie Galt and Lachlan McWilliam!
    I have seen pics of your Purros Himbas trip and they are stunning thats why I am visiting your web site very often and came to know how you find Bow Wow. You all three are looking great together. Keep sharing yours experience please.

  8. Dennis says:

    That brave african mick dundee happens to be my farther! Funny, what a small world! Enjoy your travelling, looks like a hell of a lotta fun!

  9. Hi Dennis, who is your father exactly?

  10. Hi Lucie, Lachlan and BowWow… You guys are living my dream. Much respect and best wishes that you stay safe and continue the good work you’re doing. What a brilliant, brilliant idea.

  11. Liesha Bear says:

    OMG… you guys are so great! You’re living the fantasy life that I have long imagine but always afraid to do. I know that it won’t be an easy adventure, but who says life is easy ugh?? hahaha… You give me so much inspiration… thank you for sharing with the world :)

  12. jo says:

    Lovely to meet you both yesterday at the gallery. Hope all goes well for the transition to what is next.

    Do make it to tasmania and nz. Both outstanding places. And west coast of tassie is still very wild (re: your 4th last bullet)

  13. Kylie Taylor says:

    It is lovely post. you guys are so great! You’re living the fantasy life that I have long imagine but always afraid to do. Much respect and best wishes that you stay safe and continue the good work you’re doing. Thanks for sharing your views.

  14. says:

    You’ve made some good points there. I looked on the internet for additional information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this web site.

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