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Our dream is to travel the World by land and sea with our faithful hound.
Join us on our extraordinary journey. We promise to leave in the juicy bits…

The Vagabond Adventures of Lucie (the Scottish lass), Lachlan (the Australian bloke) & Bow Wow (the African dog) begins a new chapter in our lives.  As we travel the World, we look forward to sharing our experiences of it’s wonderment and peculiarities with you by going to extraordinary places and leaving with insight, new skills, friendships and Vagabond Treasures!  We hope to tell the stories of the people that we meet along the way and where there is need, to improve their lives through trade, not aid, by developing their products which we will sell online.

Lachlan’s Story

‘I have risked a lucrative career in finance to pursue this epic overland adventure with Lucie and Bow Wow. Six months ago I was a suit-wearing small cog in a large wheel that was turning in a direction that I had no passion for. In the past money was my motivation, even at eleven years old I had two paper rounds in my home town of Geelong, Australia. I was fourteen when I set up my first business, Mactron, where I bought and sold computer games and accessories. I have always been ambitious, worked hard and been rewarded financially. My career in finance has taken me to almost every major city in the World which has been the biggest perk, but the work itself stifled my entrepreneurial creativity. I long to use my business knowledge to do something more meaningful than making the rich richer. With my twenties now behind me I feel that this is the right time to break the mold, embrace my wanderlust and discover my full potential by helping others to realise theirs.’

Lucie’s Story

‘I am the oldest of an adventurous family, my father’s shortcuts are infamous and usually result in hanging precariously off a mountain, being charged by a bull elephant or emerging from a swamp covered in leeches. I have three intrepid siblings and between us there are very few countries we have not visited. I have been exploring South Africa on holidays with my family since I was less than a year old and feel that it is my second home. I love the wildness of Africa which reminds me of the west coast of Scotland where I was born. The vibrant colors and beat of Africa inspired many of my designs at Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in Dundee where I specialised in textiles. After graduating, I was inspired to use my skills to help people living in the townships of South Africa. I set up my business, Vagabond Van, which involves getting clothes and accessories made in South Africa and selling them from a 1952 Airstream caravan. I travel with my boutique-on-wheels to festivals, fairs and events all over the UK. Since Vagabond Van began it has been my wish to find traditional craftspeople that I may develop fashionable products with to sell around the World and in doing so improve their lives, tell their story and maintain vanishing handicrafts. Charity can be destructive; getting something for nothing is not sustainable nor does it encourage pride or independence. Using my understanding of fashion we hope to develop traditional skills to make products which will be appreciated by the style savvy western market.’

Bow Wow’s Tail

‘Lucie and Lachlan found me at DARG the animal sanctuary in Hout Bay, Cape Town. I am a Heinz 57 pavement special, a real African street dog. I can’t remember much about my life before going to DARG because I was such a tiny puppy but apparently I was picked up by a volunteer who saw me at the side of the road. I had no family with me and so I was very happy to be taken to DARG and was so well looked after. I ate delicious food, met lots of other dogs and was cuddled every day. One day Lucie and Lachlan came just after lunch looking for the third member of the Vagabond Adventures. I tried to show them how clever I was by posing for their pictures and I gave them lots of licks. They knew immediately that I was right for the job and I went home with them a few days later! I have had such an exciting time since, with new experiences every day. Only yesterday I met a pig called Bella at the beach who likes ice cream and I am getting used to splashing in water now. I am training to be a good watch dog and can do some cool tricks. My role on our journey is to give lots of love to everyone wherever we go and protect my mum and dad.’

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